Smarter Bridges Conference 2022

On Sunday I flew back across from Zurich to Schipol for a small, 2-day conference attended by various stakeholders in the MX3D smartbridge project.

Very confusingly there were two flights leaving for Amsterdam at exactly the same time – 17h35 – so I very nearly ended up at the wrong gate. Luckily I realised in time.

Two flights for Amsterdam at 17h35

On arriving at Schipol I took the train to Amsterdam Centraal, where I saw an overnight train back to Switzerland was about to leave. (I had tried hard to find a space on this train to come across for the conference, but it seems you need to book more than a few week’s in advance. Next time!)

Night train to Zurich

Amsterdam is as lovely as ever.

Along the canal

While I only got in on Sunday, colleagues had been in town for a bit longer. Here’s a shot of the MX3D bridge taken by Alec Shuldiner on Saturday night, showing that the bridge is very much in use.

Saturday night on the bridge

After checking into my hotel, I headed to the bridge to meet with some of the other attendees.

First night in the De Stoof

We sat in the Cafe De Stoof – at the end of the bridge…

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