The Forge Data Day in Munich

Today I’ve been in Munich for the inaugural event in the Forge Data Days tour.

As I decided to attend at fairly short notice, I didn’t even look into flights: flying from Geneva or Zurich to Munich is expensive at the best of times (considering the distance), and with less than a week of advance notice it would have been ridiculous. So I took the bus, which cost about $20 each way.

Catching the bus

It’s an hour and half to get to Zurich from my place, and the direct bus to the centre of Munich took another four hours. Not bad, really.

I had the chance to catch up with Sergio, Cyrille and Jim for dinner when I got in. Others in the Developer Advocacy & Support team arrived later, and so unfortunately missed dinner.

Dinner on the first night

Some of the team stayed at the INNSIDE hotel in Parkstadt Schwabing. I liked the building that was opposite their hotel.

A nice building

I stayed around the corner in the Ibis. It’s basic but clean, and had a nice view from the 8th floor.

View from the Ibis

When I got to the event venue – the Design Offices – I…

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