The NEST buildings HiLo roof

This week I was supposed to be back in Zurich for a couple of days, visiting the NEST building on Tuesday and the ETH campus on Wednesday. As it was, though, I managed to pick up Covid at last week’s TechX event in Atlanta, so I ended up staying at home feeling sorry for myself.

I haven’t had particularly bad symptoms, thankfully: neither headaches nor fever, just mainly a heavy cough and a bit of brain fog, both of which are thankfully clearing up now. Given the value of last week’s event I’d certainly say that getting it relatively mildly for a few days later was “worth it”, at least with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight.

It did mean I had to skip this week’s events, though. Luckily my colleague Marta Bouchard from our sustainability team was able to go along and shared some snaps she took for me to post on this blog.

The NEST building – which many of you will recognise either from the Autodesk Gallery or as being the main demo model available inside Dasher – is…

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