Working around the Chrome bug affecting the timeline

The amazing Mike Lee – who has been doing a great job of driving the timeline project for Dasher – has used his sleuthing skills to figure out a way around the bug affecting Intel-based Macs running Chrome v100 on Monterey. He was about to submit a bug when he discovered this ticket filed against Chromium, and a workaround buried within in. (Mike has since gone ahead and submitted his own report tracking this.)

You need to go to chrome://flags and disable “Use passthrough command decoder”.

Disabling the passthrough command decoder in Chrome

After restarting Chrome and launching Dasher, you should now see the timeline is back.

The timeline is back

Not all Chromium-based browsers will have this flag exposed – Brave doesn’t appear to, for instance – but this gives me hope that we’ll be able to find a more sticky solution to this problem, in time. Great sleuthing, Mike!

I’m about to hop on a train to Geneva, this time to take a flight back to Paris and onwards to Atlanta for our annual (although virtual-only for the last two years) internal…

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