Introducing the Revit Add-in Academy

Want to learn how to create your own Revit add-ins? The Revit Add-in Academy teaches you the skills you need to code your own Revit toolbar. Using hands-on projects, you will create a new tool each week that you can put to use right away. Each lesson builds on the previous one so you won’t get overwhelmed by technical jargon or complex concepts. At the end of the course, you will have your own Revit toolbar that you created.

Course Details

The Revit Add-in Academy starts on June 27th. Over the course of six weeks, we will meet online (using Zoom) on Mondays and Fridays at 4 pm EDT. Classes will last roughly one hour. During Monday’s class, you will learn specific programming skills. Together, we will put these skills to practice in an exercise. You will then test your skills with the weekly challenge. On Friday, we will meet again to review the week’s challenge and I will answer any questions you have. All of the sessions will be recorded and posted to the course website so don’t…

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