My new role at Autodesk Research

A random photo of Pier 9

For the last few weeks I’ve been heads-down on various activities I can’t blog about. It does worry me that this may well be the shape of things to come, but I’m also hopeful it’s just a short-term blip, and that I’ll find a way to get back on the blogging horse before too long.

Basically, within the Autodesk Research organisation we’re some way through a significant shift in the way we perform research, focusing on larger, more audacious – and ultimately more impactful – research goals rather than having a more piecemeal research approach with lots of smaller projects.

This has brought about quite a few changes, including many for me, personally: I’ve been asked to join one of our eight high-level research areas as its Research Lead. I’ll talk more about the specifics of this new role in due course, but for now I can share that the research area we’ll be focused on will almost certainly bring together various technologies that I and my close colleagues have…

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