Rhino.Inside Revit for Dynamo users

Rhino.Inside Revit is an open-source project allowing Rhino and Grasshopper to run inside Autodesk Revit. Somewhat counter-intuitively, Rhino.Inside Revit outperforms Dynamo in many ways. This tutorial explores some of those differences and demonstrates how Dynamo users can undertake similar tasks using Rhino.Inside Revit and the benefits of doing so.


Several years ago, I published the Dynamo for Grasshopper users guide with the premise of assisting Grasshopper users in learning Dynamo. Since then, Dynamo awareness and knowledge have come along in leaps and bounds from the wealth of material that users have shared. However, with the release of Rhino.Inside Revit, we’ve come full circle, with Dynamo users now learning Grasshopper.

As one would expect with any early adoption, it can be a steep learning curve. And this is indeed what I found, even as an advanced Grasshopper and Dynamo user. With different logic to Dynamo, incomplete documentation, and…

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