Down the Melting Neon Rabbit Hole of AI-Generated Art

I have recently been experimenting with a new technology, I know, I’m a techy geek and your are not shocked that I’m geeking out on something new. There are many new technologies harnessing AI to generate images based on words and instructions you feed it like Dall-E, Dall-E Mini aka CrAIon, and Midjourney. I got on the beta of Midjourney.

Midjourney runs using Discord (desktop or mobile) as its interface using the bot to send the commands to their trained AI engione. Its fun to learn and just watch and see what others are creating and how you can string commands to a specific look or rendering engine to generate.

How you use Midjourney
You use the command /Imagine <then you place a description what you want to imagine and get a result of>

For example I used:
ā€¯bioluminescent lupine flowers and morel mushrooms among a deep old growth ponderosa pine forest with dramatic lightingā€¯

You get 4 images returned in a matter of a minute or two. You then can select and upscale the one you…

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