Images from May 2020. Not sure how such an odd assortment got bunched in together like this. These were early covid times and I probably thought it was going to blow over soon.


I did spend some of my enforced free time remastering one of the building books we wrote for Zimbabwe secondary schools back in the 1980s. The line drawings here were intended to teach basic concepts of technical drafting. Using familiar objects to translate between orthographic and isometric projections.


The heart shaped amphitheatre was one of those random little challenges that my boss Brian throws at me from time to time.  Fun while it lasted.


The passage behind the Kings gallery at Notre-Dame was one of the last things I tackled before deciding it was probably time to move on.  There are so many “secret passageways” in these old Gothic buildings: access for maintenance concealed within the thickness of the masonry walls.

And that funky stair balustrade was a response to a query my old…

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