Laptop💻 vs Desktop🖥 WFH Edition – The BIMsider

Like many (most) people I have been working from home for the last couple of years. However, unlike most, this was my plan, as when I started at BIM Track in January 2020 I was hired as a full-time remote worker. Now the other side of that plan back in January 2020 was that I would be doing lots of travel to conferences and tradeshows worldwide to talk about BIM, AEC workflows and of course BIM Track…well that didn’t really play out as expected. Nevertheless, this combination of full-time WFH and travel was why I was given a laptop as my work computer, but in hindsight maybe a desktop would have been a better call?

In the Beginning

Let’s start with what I do with my computer on a day-to-day basis. This will give a baseline for what would be required of a laptop or desktop that I use daily.

However even before the what, I want to say that this post has been made possible by the fine people at Dell and their partners AMD & Intel who provided me with the…

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