New Dynamo Primer and Video Tutorials Released Dynamo Office Hours

Dynamo Primer

Queue the applause.
The Dynamo Team released new streamlined videos this week for learning Dynamo.

Introductory Tutorials for Dynamo 2.13+

We also have the Dynamo Office House live event next week August 4th that you should register to attend.

Dynamo Office Hours: Dynamo Visual Refresh
”Come join Jacob and Sol as we talk through the Dynamo Visual Refresh, where Dynamo has had a lick of paint and a bucket load of new graph authoring tools added! We’ll explore what was changed, why it was changed, what looks different, what funky new features are available to you and what you can expect moving forward.
We will then demonstrate a bunch of the nifty new features in action, showing how they can help improve the way you build your Dynamo graphs and share them with others.”

Register Now to attend:

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