Some exciting enhancements in Dynamo 2.15

Dynamo 2.15 was released into the wild, last Thursday (at least via Dynamo Core, if not yet Dynamo for Revit), and as Sol Amour says in his blog post, it is “an absolutely epic release”.

I’d seen it flash by, but only sat up to take proper notice when Sol pinged me on Twitter to mention that includes capabilities inspired by Warnamo, a package I wrote to help keep track of warnings and errors in Dynamo.

Sol's shout-out

So I decided to dig into some of the new features – a great resource for this being the habitually comprehensive Dynamo release notes.

I also checked out this recording of a livestream by our friend Jon Pierson, who dug into several of the new features.

To look into the way warnings and errors are managed inside the new Dynamo version, I unwired a node in the MaRS graph (which I’m happy to say worked well once I’d upgraded the Solar Analysis package to v1.12… thinking about it I could have just used the Solar Analysis node warnings as an example, but at that point I was…

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