The first anniversary of the MX3D Bridge installation

While I was out on holiday, I received a newsletter from MX3D that I thought worth sharing here, too. It highlighted the fact that a year (actually 13 months, by this point) has already passed since the MX3D Bridge was installed in downtown Amsterdam. How time flies!

The MX3D team put together this really nice video that shows details of the bridge’s design, construction and installation:

Here’s the content of the newsletter article in question, © MX3D:

We’re very happy to celebrate the first anniversary of the installation and public opening of the MX3D Bridge! We are looking back on this massive milestone with pride and joy and want to thank all our partners involved in realizing the first 3D-printed steel bridge in the world.

Since its inception, the MX3D Bridge has been a ‘living laboratory”. Equipped with a state-of-the-art sensor network, the “Smart Bridge” is powering a cutting-edge research project by academic and industry researchers from the City of Amsterdam. On

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