10’th Anniversary of EnjoyRevit

 This was my first YouTube vidoe of mine in 2012.

After a year, I posted my first article of EnjoyRevit here to share my experiences and knowledge with Revit users in the world. (I have had my Korean Blog already)

Now, it’s 2022 and have been 10years after my first video.

I created another Legoman to celibrate it. The legoman in my previous video was all created using AC families to make it’s movements. 

But the new legoman is assembled with all generic families, and a simple Dynamo graph is used to make the legoman to walk.

Except the difference of modeling methology, theories for the movements are all the same.

You can see the concept at one of my old posts.

For some reason, I’ve been posting my articles not very often recently. I’d like to say it’s because of my work, but frackly to say, it’s more because of my laziness. 

I hope I can post more frequently like when I did 10 years ago from now on.

You can download my new Legoman and Dynamo graph here

Enjoy 🙂

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