3ds Max 2023.2 Released

The new 2023.2 Update for 3ds Max was released today, and it is packed with a lot of goodness. I have been a 3ds Max user since before it was Max and it was 3D Studio on DOS.

See how 3ds Max has evolved since 2016: https://makeanything.autodesk.com/3dsmax

See how 3ds Max has eveolved.
Solutions in the 3ds Max 2023.2 Update:

What’s New: 3ds Max 2023.2 Update Release Notes

Join the community and submit your ideas and feedback at 3dsmaxfeedback.autodesk.com.

Learn how customers around the world are using 3ds Max on AREA by Autodesk.

Download from product updates, your Autodesk subscription account page http://manage.autodesk.com or download a trial version

Thank you Changsoo Eun for 8 YouTube videos of some of the new enhancements for 3dsMax 2023.2.

3ds Max 2023.2 YouTube Playlist

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