A new site dedicated to Technology and Engineering at Autodesk

There’s a new Autodesk site that many of you will find interesting: tech.autodesk.com has just launched, and is intended as a showcase for technology and engineering at Autodesk.


The site will be a great resource for people interested in learning about the technical work performed by people at the company and will also be a way for Autodesk engineering talent to connect with the outside world. I’m really looking forward to seeing what our development teams end up sharing through this new mechanism.

Completely unrelatedly (ahem) the site has linked to blogs written by a few of the company’s technologists, including this one.

Meet Our Technologists

That was very nice to see, I admit.

Many thanks – and a big congratulations! – to Aliza Carpio, who I work with on our Open Source committee, for driving the initiative forward and getting this valuable site built.

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