Come and see the 5m Dar Smart Bridge at Autodesk University 2022

In a recent post I hinted at a really impressive project that is being unveiled today in the exhibit hall of AU 2022. (My involvement was as usual pretty minor, primarily relating to data visualization, while the really impressive work was around designing and printing it.) The project is a 5 metre long single-cantilevered (in terms of the printing – it’s supported at both ends when in use) smart bridge, 3D-printed from recycled PETG and glass fibre in our Boston Technology Center for Dar.

Here’s a video shared via LinkedIn that describes the project and a photo of Steve Blum and Andrew Anagnost giving it a try.

Steve and Andrew on the bridge

I can now confirm that there is a clear winner of the “competition” I launched in the teaser post.

It's a bridge

I have no idea how Giacomo knew – and could express his answer with such a high degree of certainty – but his guess was almost exactly on the money: the bridge weighs in at around 960 kg.

I’ll be sending a miniature version of the bridge to Giacomo after AU as a…

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