Human-centric building design

A human-centric office space created by Midjourney (and no, I don't want to work there either)In a recent post, I mentioned that I’ve been asked to help lead our efforts in a particular area of research. I was deliberately vague at the time. Now, with Autodesk University 2022 around the corner, it seems a good time to say more about this. I hope it stimulates some interesting discussions at the event.

As a company, one of Autodesk’s core interests is to enable the design and creation of healthier, safer, more resilient spaces. We want to explore tools for designers and architects that help them create buildings with more attention to the occupants. In the past, architects achieved this through their own intuition and adherence to building codes and standards that support the occupants’ needs. In recent years, the AEC industry is pushing to involve occupants earlier and more often in the design process. This human-centric approach to building design will still consider cost, schedule, energy and more, but creating healthier spaces for people will take center stage.


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