AI+X Summit 2022

On Friday I hopped on a train to Zurich to attend the AI+X Summit 2022 event – organised by the ETH AI Center – which was co-located with the ETH Entrepreneur Club’s Launch event.

It was a lovely autumn day, and the colours were even on display in Zurich’s Oerlikon district.

An autumnal park in Zurich

And from the front

The event was held at Stage One, an event space a short walk from the Oerlikon train station.

The ETH AI Center and its workshops

I was mainly there for the AI+AEC workshop, but there were a number of mainstage presentations and exhibits by startups and larger companies involved in AI.

The workshops were held upstairs, above the exhibition space.

Reason for being

As a warm-up for the AEC-centric session, I sat in on the AI+Sustainability session, which comprised of four separate talks followed by a panel discussion.

The first was by David Dao, who talked about the use of AI with satellite imagery to understand and predict deforestation.

David Dao from ETHZ and GainForest

Next was Thomas Brunshwiler from IBM Research, who talked about various activities they’re engaged in, mainly using…

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