Another Autodesk University is over

That’s it for another whirlwind AU!

This year’s AU was a very different one for me. Normally I’m delivering a class or two and end up spending several hours in meetings with customers – I almost never get to spend time in the Expo. In contrast I spent almost all of my time at this year’s event in the Expo standing on or talking about a bridge, so I can’t give any meaningful commentary about the broader event, sadly.

One thing I will say – beyond whatever takeaways people have related to the change of venue (New Orleans over Las Vegas) or the focus of the sessions or keynotes (none of which I attended) – is that it was so nice to see people again in person. I have missed that so much. For me the event could have been held in a cow shed and I’d probably still have given it a double thumbs-up.

I will say, though, that if there was an award for least helpful AU badge, I think mine would have won it easily. I must have messed a few things up when filling out fields…

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