Ballenberg, Ticino and the Bernese Oberland

Our children’s school holidays came right after this year’s Autodesk University in New Orleans, so I was highly relieved (and not a little surprised) that I came back from such a large event without bringing home Covid. (I managed to do so at the last large gathering I attended, so it’s just possible that my resistance is still in place. Either way, it was a relief!)

Having the kids’ holidays come right after a week out of the office isn’t exactly ideal from a work perspective, but I did feel the break was much needed after a hectic AU week.

This year we decided to stay within Switzerland, mainly because our puppy doesn’t yet have a passport: it requires some inoculations we haven’t had time to get for her. We also didn’t want to go too far, as our eldest is just settling into his new life at University in Lausanne, so we wanted to be able to visit him during the break, too.

So we did the next best thing to going to Italy – and some might argue it’s even better,…

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