Join the beta for the AEC Cloud Information Model API

Autodesk Platform Services – the platform formerly known as Forge – has a brand new service that’s soon going into beta: the AEC Cloud Information Model API.

AIM Beta

This API will allow you to access design parameters in Revit models hosted in the cloud with no need to pass by an instance Revit.

The managed beta will give you access to data extracted from a fixed set of Revit sample models that is then hosted in the Autodesk Construction Cloud. It’ll be a great way to understand how the API works and provide feedback to the engineering team to steer the offering in the direction that makes sense for your business.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do with this beta:

  • Navigate to a hub, project, into a design and all the way down to an entity, its parameters, and their values

  • Query across designs within a project to retrieve entities that match specified filter criteria. Example – Extract volume of concrete across Revit models for a project

  • Query design entities based on…

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