3D Room (and Door) Tags from Rooms in Revit using Dynamo

 Before I get started, I want to disclose that this is NOT my original work. Several years ago (probably in a galaxy far, far away) I need help creating 3D Text for Doors and Rooms, so I would have that information available in Navisworks. I wanted to be able to know what Room I was looking at.

I originally paid a developer (Harry Mattison Boost Your BIM) back in 2016 to create an add-in for Revit and this worked great. But after a few versions of Revit, the add-in did not work. So it was time to find a better way to create this 3D text.pp

I think my buddy Daniel H. is the one that wrote this and want to make sure that he gets credit.

I do not plan on going into all the details of how the script works, just what you need to know to get it working for yourself.

First, download the Dynamo script and Revit family from here. The Revit family was last updated for Revit 2023.

The Revit Family is two pieces of Model text. Each piece of Model Text has an Instance Family parameter associated…

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