AI projects at Autodesk Research

There’s a lot going on with AI at Autodesk, these days: most of our engineering teams have developers who are exploring the potential for AI with respect to product features.

For instance, the AutoCAD team has developed and released a number of features driven by machine learning: AutoCAD 2023’s Markup Assist and My Insights features – the latter with its cool Macro Advisor capability – are all powered by ML. I’m less familiar with ML-powered features in Revit and Fusion 360, but I know they have teams focusing on exploring the benefits ML might bring to their users.

All this to say that there’s a lot going on in AI/ML these days in the company, and not just in direct connection with our products: at Autodesk Research we have our own “AI Lab” that is headed up by Tonya Custis, our Director of AI Research. A few weeks ago, Tonya posted an article about some of the projects her team have contributed to that had papers accepted at this year’s Computer Vision and…

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