How BIM is beneficial for Residential Designs and why it is so important

The success of a BIM project depends on selecting the right BIM tool and implementing it through strategic planning of transition. BIM was once considered a tool to improve the design process on large projects, but that has changed now.

As a result of this experience, many residential property owners realized that BIM is more than just a tool. With the right preparation and strategic planning, BIM for residential design can be implemented by small firms as well. Management is key to the success of this process.

Importance of BIM in Residential Projects

Modeling and designing all types and sizes of buildings can now be done using Building Information Modeling or simply BIM.

In the early days of BIM’s use, people believed it was only useful for large complex structures, and most early adopters concentrated on using it to design large complex structures. The construction industry has changed significantly since BIM has been widely applied to residential projects.

BIM is…

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