The 6 most important points you need to know about BIM in Smart Buildings

Smart structures will be the future of construction as technology evolves. Structures are not smart just because of technology. Today, smart structures are an amalgamation of technology, processes, and standards; the driving force behind this paradigm shift.

Smart buildings are those whose operations are controlled by automated processes.

Even though this definition encompasses a variety of factors, these parameters are not the only ones it encompasses. The construction and infrastructure industries lack a standard definition of a smart building or structure.

Workflow of Smart Buildings

A smart structure is characterized by better resource utilization and reduced effort.

Sensors integrate lighting, power meters, heating, cooling, pumps, fire alarms, and plants into a smart building. As compared to conventional structures, smart structures could improve over time & external forces provide more to the occupants than just shelter and safety.

Renewable energy sources…

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