The Benefits of BIM managing Construction Projects Onshore or Offshore

The construction industry all around the world is facing labor shortages. The industry experienced a period of shrinkage in the last decade. Various reports warn that labor shortages are reaching crisis proportions and will continue into 2019. Over the past two decades, the construction industry has averaged just one percent productivity growth.

Approximately two out of three people will live in cities by 2050, as the global population is predicted to reach 9 billion. Throughout the history of human civilization, there has always been a high demand for construction and it is not in doubt that that demands will continue to grow.

It may be possible to achieve that goal by using both an onshore and offshore BIM model. By using the model, you will be able to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve collaboration, and gain access to expertise. For construction companies, this is the simplest way to succeed.

Cost Effective

By using this approach, companies don’t have to…

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