An Overview of the Key Stages of Architectural BIM Services

In recent years, Architectural BIM Services have become a significant part of the implementation of BIM in construction. In the development of architectural designs, architects support BIM or Building Information Modeling. The BIM process offers a 360-degree view of a projected building by creating virtual models of its components.

Whether it is a conceptual design, schematic design, detailed design, or a stage of construction documentation, 3D BIM Modeling for Architected Services assists in creating a precise interior design for renovation, restoration, or new construction.

Key Stages of Architectural BIM Service

Conceptual Designing

As part of the architectural conceptual design stage, Revit Models are used to shape the projected construction structure by emphasizing its looks, behaviors & structural properties.

A stage can be associated with a Revit model as well as several components, such as masses, conceptual design, and general project phasing.

The use of…

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