Excel: Delete unlocked / unprotected cells with a single keystroke

Use this method to delete all editable cells on a protected document.
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. I was tryint to quiclky find a wat to delete all the cells that are editable on an excel sheet I created. The idea behind was to eliminate the contents on the unprotected cells, so I could copy and paste a column with protected and unprotected cells and then delete all the contents of the unprotected / unlocked ones so I can reuse the column that works as a questionaire. This is so fat the quickest method I found.

On the HOME tab, click Find & Replace. Click the Options button to expand the dialog box. Now click the Format button, which displays the Find Format dialog box. On the Protection tab, clear the Locked and Hidden check boxes. Click OK to return to the Find and Replace dialog box. Now click Find All.

All unprotected cells are displayed in the list box.

Press Ctrl + A to select all listed data
Close the Find & Replace dialog to return to the sheet.

You will now see that…
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