Been a long time since I fired the amp up. Pure laziness really 不不不

This is a number I used to do when I had a little trio in Harare called King Bee. Seems like another lifetime now.

Somewhat different without bass and rhythm to keep the riff going. But I never really play a song the same way twice anyway.



2006 and my second year in Dubai. My cousin was working in Nepal. Seemed like a wonderful opportunity. Even more exotic than Mauritius. A chance to explore an alien building tradition, how it works : materials, climate, culture.

I took about 600 photos over the course of a week. Fascinated by the construction details, the texture of the City. Kathmandu is actually three cities, three historic kingdoms, grown into each other until they filled up the valley. Bursting at the seams.

I watched builders working. Like travelling back in time. Special tapered bricks for the front face of buildings to present narrow joints to the outside world.

I had started using Revit by…

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