Following up on the Mauritius railings post with a bit of Revit work.

Will we ever get the updated railings tool that we were promised half a lifetime ago, I wonder?

There’s a bit of cheating going on to get some of these to work. At least they are not as responsive to parametric control as I would have hoped. I ended up creating a new railing type just to vary the spacing of the posts, in one case.

All the same it was an enjoyable exercise, and I hope to do a few more.


It’s not really a painting yet. Just occupying space on the wall until a suitable subject comes to mind.

If the grid of subdued colours shows through, maybe I will incorporate it into the final composition. For the moment, it’s better than staring at a bare white rectangle.

Sooner or later the penny will drop, a notion of what to paint next. An industrial landscape perhaps.



About 35 years ago, (half a lifetime) I was a curriculum developer in Zimbabwe. My subject area was building,which included a drawing…

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