I need to get back to these Volterra windows and build up a little mix & match library to go along with the doors I am currently working on.

Interesting questions. How best to provide the different permutations of open and partially open shutters. How important to represent the catches and stays? At what level of detail?

The medium term goal is to mock up some typical streetscapes. Not necessarily based on any specific street in Volterra. Maybe it’s more intriguing to capture the essence of Volterra by improvising, inventing a street of my own.

For example : you don’t demonstrate that you understand cubism by copying a cubist painting, instead you create an original work of your own devising.


This is the Revit door system I have been using and adapting for several years now. In recent weeks the focus has been on Heritage Doors : four from Porto and four from Volterra.

There are “types” for most of them, demonstrate how they flex, in response to different parameter values.

Today I…

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