Resolving as-built Modeling challenges with 3D Scan to Revit

As-built models are created with an accuracy of 1 mm using 3D Scan to Revit. In comparison to more conventional surveying methods, it results in flawless as-built models. The use of 3D laser scanning helps deliver projects on time & budget by providing valuable insight and risk management.

Architectural, engineering, BIM managers, general contractors, and construction managers can benefit from the knowledge and insight gained through 3D scanning before issues and key decisions arise, whether they are new construction, remodeling, or renovation.

Define as built Modeling

As-built models are exact representations of existing buildings & BIM models can also be referred to as this. Documentation, renovation, remodeling, and facility management can all be enhanced with as-built models.

Digital twins are representations of a building that not only look like it but also behave like it. In this way, it is possible to detect problems in the building before they become serious….

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