The 13 key Scan to BIM terms you must master to become a Professional BIM Designer

It is becoming more and more common for the architecture, engineering, and construction industries to digitize. Construction industry workflow systems and techniques are gradually being replaced by digital technologies. One such method is scanning to BIM, which is currently gaining popularity.

Using laser scanning and Building Information Modeling, otherwise known as BIM, scan to BIM creates an accurate digital representation of the built asset. Digital techniques such as scan to BIM or field to BIM are interconnected and assist the technology to achieve its goals.

Key Terms for Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM: BIM is a process that involves creating, building, and maintaining 3D BIM models from laser scanned point clouds of built assets or constructed facilities. Alternatively, it can be called Field to BIM.

Accordingly, high definition LiDAR scanners are used for the scanning process. A 3D building information model of the structure is created based on laser scanned point…

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