Top 3 Online Training Courses & Certifications for Revit

This article is for those who are interested in learning more about Revit Structures should take these top 3 courses. These courses are applicable to individuals using CAD on the job site.

1. Revit Structure from Zero to Hero

This course will teach you how to create a fully functional structural model which includes foundations, columns, beams, beam systems, and floors. Students will determine load and load combination combinations for their structural analysis models during the course.

It is possible to create structural models that can be used for Analysis and Design. In this course, exercises use as the building blocks. Besides the PDF files that contain instructions, you will also receive RVT files that are the starting point of each topic. You will learn a specific skill while watching each video, which you will apply to a file at the end.

Key topics in this Course

It will cover the basic steps involved in annotating, tagging, and detailing your model in…

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