Winding down for the festive season

Autodesk offices in most places around the globe have been closed this week as part of an extended holiday break. From my side I’ve managed to spend a couple of days on the slopes, here in Switzerland, although I ended up coming back down to the lakeside as there’s a strange weather blip where it’s currently warm and wet enough to be raining in the Alps for the lead-up to Christmas. Ah well.

On the slopes

I’ve been having fun working through Advent of Code, although – as ever for this time in December – the coding challenges are starting to get quite tricky. It’s good for my brain, though: I’m finding that I’m coding less and less for my day job, so having a deep dive into some gnarly programming puzzles helps strengthen a few underused neural pathways.

I’ve also been to see the latest Avatar movie twice. Which is a lot of Avatar, given a single showing is over 3 hours long. I took the kids for the first showing… in fact it was supposed to be the whole family, but I’d…

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