Arrived in Toronto

My first trip of 2023 has taken me back to Canada, to the fine city of Toronto. We have a team meeting there for our area of research which I’m really looking forward to: we’ve had several months of preparatory work – performed asynchronously – so it’s almost certainly overdue that we all get together. In any case it’s a timely way to kick off the year.

I cut short a ski weekend (one of many, living in Switzerland – no-one should feel bad for me) to hop on a bus and take a few connecting trains to get to Zurich airport for an early afternoon flight to Toronto.

Up early(ish) to take the train to Zurich

It being my first flight since the dog ate my headphones and I bought some new-fangled Bluetoothy ones, I realised I’d need some way to connect into the entertainment system. The optimal way appears to be to get a Bluetooth transmitter dongle that plugs into the 3.5 mm stereo jack socket. I found that Interdiscount – a popular electronics chain here – had a few different models, so decided to just roll the…

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