Bentley Year in Infrastructure 2022: Customer Projects

In my first article on Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure (YII) 2022 event that was published last month, I provided an overview of the main technology updates shared by Bentley Systems. A key feature of this annual event are the customer presentations of infrastructure projects around the world that are deploying Bentley’s solutions in different ways. Collectively, they provide a concise snapshot every year of the strides that are being made world-wide in technology implementation in infrastructure.

This article provides an overview of some of the projects that were presented at the YII 2022 event. These include DPR’s use of SNYCHRO for prefabricated construction scheduling, the 3D city model of the City of Perry by Foth, Kokusai Kogyo’s work in Japan’s 3D city model project called Project PLATEAU, and ACCONIA’s use of digital construction in Melbourne’s level crossing removal project.


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