One of the challenges that was thrown my way during the pandemic. How to represent these tent structures using Revit.

It’s great to see the final product getting some coverage now. Looks like an amazing location if you want an exclusive desert experience.

Hats off to the French design team, and to our Revit guys who put together the construction package. Seems like the contractors did a pretty good job also.

Never a dull moment at GAJ.

Further to my previous post. Here are some screenshots from my fumbling attempts to interpret the third hand instructions I received.

Thanks for the comments from Gavin Crump and others suggesting clever ways of doing tension structures in Revit. Unfortunately I don’t have access to Rhino and never got fluent with Dynamo. Vanilla Revit is my hammer, and everything looks like a nail to me 😁

The tent poles are fairly straightforward Revit families. Then connecting between these are Adaptive components with variable curves. Instance parameters.


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