I just want to thank Zach Kron for sending me down this rabbit hole aka “Florence in Pumpkin land” Too many “in jokes” to explain here, but Florence was my favourite RPC person, back in the day when a low-res render meant tying Revit down for 15 minutes.

This was just over 11 years ago and so much has happened since then. My goal was to create a parametric Doric column with variable entasis. It came down to making a profile in point world.

Conceptual Massing mode in Revit was fairly new and I was a bit of a novice, but I stumbled on a way of placing points radially with alternating radii from the origin of a mass family. Join these up in threes to generate a series of curved model lines. Together they become a profile which can be used in Sweeps and Lofts.

Three of these profiles create a form which can flip between Doric shaft and Pumpkin… Just by fiddling with a few parameters. Penny drop moment for me. (I’m a bit too old for mic drops 🙄)

This is the picture I should have…

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