How to Create a Gantt Chart with Progress Tracking using Excel Charts

Easily add values of certain cells meeting certain cirteria.
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I will show you on this video how I create Gantt Charts that allow to show project progress using simple Excel Stacked Bars Charts. I think it is easier to see it on the video but I will also explain the steps.

As you can see on the video. I am using an auxiliary table that has the needed data obtained from the main table to obtain the desired graphic. The data used is this. First the start date of each task. By doing this we can have each task to show at the start date. The trick to do this is to use this data but then select on the graphic to not fill the bars.
If you just want to show a gantt chart without progress you can simply use the Task duration information as the second set of data. But As I use this type of charts on monthly reports that need to show project progress, then the trick is to divide the Task between done days and pending days. This is done using three columns. One colum…
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