Making a compelling proposal for architecture: six tips

Getting more work and converting it to money is what we all strive for. It would be even better if we won better projects for our work. Your passion projects should not only pay well, but should also allow you to unleash your creativity, make a lasting impact in your community, and take pride in what you do.

These opportunities are difficult to come by because of stiff competition. No matter if you are guiding developers, competing in a fast-paced design competition, or submitting a request for proposal (RFP), be ready to bring your case forward.

It is your ability to communicate your design vision that determines whether your bid will win or lose. To help you craft winning conceptual designs and proposals, here are tips from proposal writers and leaders in the design industry.

1. Describe the context of your design to your clients

It may spark ideas for improving your design concept if you examine the details of the client’s project and show them you have taken the…

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