Revit 2023: Beginner Tips for Creating a Floor Plan

Creating 3D models is the most common use of Revit. A floor plan can be quickly created by drafting a layout. You need to follow certain steps in order to create an easy and nice floor plan using Revit.

Setting up a proper level height

If you do not need elevations or 3D views at the time, you should still assign the walls to specific levels even if you do not require elevations or 3D views at that time.

Make sure that all of the required levels have been created by going to the elevation view. Ensure that they are set to the correct height, but if necessary, you can adjust them later.

Intersect walls from internal to external

It is still a good idea to place one of the corners of the building at the intersection of the internal origin of your project, regardless of your lack of concern about the coordinate system. Depending on the version of Revit that you are using, the internal origin in Revit 2020 and later is indicated by an arrow symbol.

A project origin…

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