What are BIM 360 and 360 Docs? How it can influence BIM?

In simple terms, BIM 360 designs are created using BIM 360 Doc in order to create BIM 360 models. BIM 360 design is similar to the A360 collaboration in Revit in terms of its functionality but with additional facets for providing granular access control to members of the project team, which are available in the BIM 360 design.

As a result, in order to fully understand the differences between the BIM 360 and the 360 Doc, it is important for us to understand what each discipline has to offer.

BIM 360

On BIM 360 platform, the BIM 360 design can be described as being the result of cloud-based work sharing on the BIM 360 platform. And it is Designed specifically for the needs of architects and engineers.

Through virtual design reviews in 3D and graphical versions in a controlled, cloud-enabled collaborative environment, BIM 360 designs support Revit BIM services through virtual design reviews in 3D and graphical versions in 3D.

As a result, this allows for a more rational…

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