Advanced Revit Family Strategies – Cohort #2

We are happy to announce the second cohort of the Advanced Revit Family Strategies course. The goal of this course is simple: to turn you into a family-creating master. Are you sick of terrible families that are ruining your models? This is for you.

The course consists of four main modules:

Episode 1: Strategies for the Family Editor – March 20th

Episode 2: Deploying Arrays and Formulas – March 22nd

Episode 3: Deciphering Nested & Shared Families – March 27th

Episode 4: Preparing the Family for the End-user – March 29th

In addition, the course gives you access to the 2 Q&A sessions and the family-creator community. Share your family problems and get answers!

This is the second cohort of the course. Students in the first cohort gave the course an…

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