As-built Checklist: What is it? & importance of it in BIM architecture

Comparing the designs and the actual construction, with any project, this checklist concept may be a huge benefit that makes asset management easier, especially during the maintenance stage.

The as-built drawings should always be updated and accurate to reflect reality. This is unquestionably an effective technique to save chronological information about the asset’s building phase.

A good BIM management platform that enables you to handle 3D models, data, information, and open BIM procedures is another crucial factor.

As-build Checklist

Checklists for as-built drawings help to maintain the as-built drawings and also provide helpful information that can be used to verify that the drawings correspond to the actual asset.

In light of the actual conditions, the complexities of the construction site, the budget changes, and the varieties in progress, it has become necessary to rethink the initial idea of the project and, consequently, redraw the project drawings to…

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