Here are some tips for Preventing and Solving Construction Defects with BIM

The construction industry is faced with the problem of defects in buildings on a regular basis. It will be easier for all parties involved to navigate the system if you can understand the issues and take simple steps to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Construction Defects Types


Typically, design defects are the result of an unorganized and inaccurate construction document from the design team. There are many ways in which these defects can occur, such as omissions or errors. A change order is typically used to fix omissions that require an additional scope of work by one or more contractors.


When a building material is damaged, either directly from the manufacturer or after it has been installed, it is considered to be a material defect. Material defects can be particularly costly; it’s not uncommon to discover them only after a contractor uses them. The problem is especially acute when it comes to defective…
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