Mastering Styles in SketchUp: A Guide to Customizing Your Models

Basic tips to use Styles in SketchUp
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Styles in SketchUp allow you to customize the appearance of your models by controlling the colors, line widths, and other visual properties of your model. In this post, we will delve into the world of Styles in SketchUp and show you how to use them to give your models a professional, polished look.

Step 1: Choose a style

When you first open SketchUp, you will be presented with a default style called “Simple Colors”. This style uses a basic color scheme and simple line styles to give your model a clean, minimal look. However, SketchUp includes a wide range of other styles to choose from, including realistic styles that mimic the look of materials like wood and metal, as well as more stylized styles that give your model a unique look. To choose a style, go to the Window menu and select “Styles”. This will open the Styles panel, where you can browse through the available styles and select the one that best suits your…
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