In 1989 I resumed an architecture career that had been put on hold for 17 years. That’s not quite accurate. I had decided to abandon architecture at least a year before completing my first degree, and I really had no intention of resuming that vocation until a few months before these drawings were done.

It was a real struggle at first. 8 years as a bricklayer, then another 8 teaching in Zimbabwe, then starting again at the bottom of the ladder.

I just caught the tail end of “drawing by hand” but wouldn’t have missed it for the world. It allowed me to experience the transition to CAD and later the transition to BIM, feeling like a pioneer in both cases.


Can’t believe it’s almost a decade since I started working on this hotel project. The BIM team gets brought in when concept design is approved. That’s how it works at GAJ. I understand why, but doesn’t mean I think it’s the best way.

All the same I enjoy picking up a fairly well resolved concept and setting it up in Revit for…

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