Revit families: Different types

Families are essentially a collection of objects with a shared set of characteristics known as Parameters and the corresponding graphical representation. It is essential to utilizing the Software that we understand how everything in the Revit platform relates to a family.

Every element we employ, including Walls, Columns, Mechanical Equipment, and Annotation Tags, belongs to the Revit family, which has a clear hierarchy. The hierarchy’s highest level are the Revit Categories, which cannot be added to, changed, or eliminated.

There are two main families of Revit Categories:-

1. Texts, tags, and dimensions are among the components that make up an annotation category.
2. All elements contained inside the building model, such as doors, windows, floors, and walls, fall under the model categories.

Revit family types

A general classification of Revit families can be made as follows:-

Families related to System

The System Families are the fundamental components that…

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